Friday, October 14, 2011

bargain: $22 dollar holla!

This is my dear friend Marty. Ever so eloquently named after the zebra from the movie, Madagascar.
 He was a measly $22 bucks (with tax) at Ross Dress for Less. The painting was originally $40! Who would have thought that a discount chain has hand painted art? For real, yo! Hand painted!

The catch was the blemish on the bottom corner, but I knew exactly what to do.
 I got to the check out counter and asked the manager what is the best price I could get for a damaged article. She came back with a 10% discount... I was unenthusiastic.  I told her non-nonchalantly that no one would pay that price for a painting that had a speed bump gouged in it even if it was on clearance. The manager came back by saying she could do 25%. Still not impressed, I handed the painting to the cashier telling her I had changed my mind.  The manager slyly whispered in my ear, "50%... that's IT". 
Well HOT DOG, I'll take it! I scooped that baby up and left as quickly as I could before she could change her mind!

Marty looks great in my boy's room and now I finally have an accent color for their black and white room. The blemish doesn't even bother me and I feel better about it being damaged already since it is in the kid's room and that is most likely the fate of everything in there anyways. Style and Design are important to me but perfection is most definitely not.

 Keep this in mind that you can do this for everything! I haggle prices for auto repair, clothing, lawyer fees and health and beauty services. There is nothing to lose by simply asking for a cheaper price. The worse they could say is, "No". I say no to my kids all the time and I hear it just as often... but sometimes  a YES to a discount is all a woman needs!

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