Monday, October 31, 2011

decorating: mid-century chair makeover

so in case you missed this amazingness
i got this chair for a whopping 6 dollars!
and turned it into this:
here's how i did it:
i began by deconstructing the chair by unscrewing the seat base off
then i had to even out the legs because one was missing the metal cap,
 so i just popped off the other
{ i really didn't just pop it off. it was really friggin hard to do! i was in the middle of a temper tantrum when craig started counting to three. i almost sat a time out and then i unscrewed that sucker off!}
after you calm down from your furniture freak out, sand the chair
not aggressively but just enough to scuff the smooth finish so you paint will adhere
then off to painting
i used a 59 cent foam brush and a quart of behr's semi-gloss paint in black
i chose to use interior paint since the chair was never going to be outside
1st coat
2nd coat
3rd coat
paint thin coats, wait for it to dry before moving to onto the next
drips are your enemy so be on the look out!
i wanted to reupholster the seat but i wanted to add some cushion to it
after sitting on it a couple of days i realized my butt needed some love
i was going to take the original fabric off but decided against it
it was just another layer to the love and it would be easier to change the fabric if i ever got bored of...
{yes i went there}
spray adhesive on the chair base and place your foam
then cut around the base
it doesnt' have to be perfectly straight lines
in fact mine looked jagged like a 5 year old took scissors to it
{ i could have easily blamed kyler for the messiness but i take full responsibility }

wrap the fabric tightly around the seat and staple away
i got carried away with my new fun staple gun and went bannanas on the seat
i decided i wanted to hide my staple obsession by covering the bottom with a layer of fabric as well
once the paint was dry i fitted the newly zebra-fied seat on the chair
i used a drill to pre-screw holes into the seat base from the underside
this made it easier since there were layers of fabric and about 8 million staples to consider
screw the seat base on
give your booty a rest on your booty-full new chair!
{ yes i am this corny in real life... }
here is the price break down:
chair - $6
fabric- $10
foam -$14
paint- $5 (used half a can)
paint brush, 1 sheet of sand paper and staples- $3
grand total- $38
not bad, not bad at all!

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