Wednesday, October 19, 2011

d.i.y: crib mobile

you've met my friend, marty
well marty was all alone
he was naked on the wall and needed a friend
this is where a crib mobile saves the day!
gather your supplies:
scrapbooking paper, a picture mobile, ribbon, white string, rubber cement, scissors, tape and a pattern to make your desired shape
i chose a drinking glass because i wanted circles
i wanted it to have a simple design and a lot of visual impact
so i picked colored paper in the boy's color scheme but chose contrasting patterns
first take you glass and trace as many circles as you can on the backside of your paper
next, cut those suckers out
not a good craft for those with limited scissor abilities like myself
but try your hardest!
repeat this step until you have like 8 million circles
or enough for your mobile
decide how long you want your strand
cut and tie a knot at the end
tape your knot on the wrong side of the circle
make sure it is in the center
using your rubber cement, glue another circle on top of the taped one
press down firmly and let dry
to adhere the next set of circles decide how far you want your circles to be apart
tie your knot, tape your knot and glue your circle
repeat the previous steps until you reach the end of the strand
knot, tape and glue to finish off the strand
repeat these steps until you have the desired length and number of strands that you need
arrange them on the picture mobile 
i did this on the floor so i could get a better visualization of where to place the strands
to hang the mobile from the ceiling, tie a thin ribbon to a screw
next decide where in your room you want to hang the mobile and figure out how you are going to secure the screw into the ceiling
we have 14 foot ceilings...
{i was going through my last will and testament in my head as i was anchoring the screw into the ceiling}
i placed the crib back so i could figure out how far from the ceiling i wanted the mobile to be
so no little hands could destroy it 
tie the ribbon to the end of the mobile once you figure how you want it placed
back away from your hard work and enjoy!
i mean... let your baby enjoy!

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