Saturday, October 22, 2011

d.i.y: using the wash machine to dye fabric

i have this blanket that I have to have in order to fall asleep
it muffles everything i don't want to hear 
{except the cries of a baby}
so when i decided to make the slow transition to update our bedroom
i decided that the blanket has got to stay
but maybe we can just change its color
i like the cool blue we have in our room
its serene and calming
but i wanted to integrate purples and grays into our otherwise white bedroom
so for a whopping $3.99 you can change the color of basically anything!
I had no idea what to do since this was my first time experimenting with dye
so i just followed the directions on the back
begin by filling up the wash machine with HOT water
add the desired amount of dye
i want a dark rich purple like an eggplant
so i added about 2/3rds of the bottle
unfold and wet the items you are going to dye
i decided to try it on a set of pillow cases just for the heck of it
add your things into the wash machine
this is where you are going to want to be around
the fabric needs to steep and agitate in the wash machine for 30 minutes
no rinsing or spinning yet
just agitating
i had to reset my wash machine twice to meet the 30 minute minimum
once you let the fabric wash for 30 minutes rinse and spin the material in cold water until the water runs clear
i did this 3 times before seeing clear water in the bottom of the tub
then wash with your normal detergent on a warm cycle
dry to see final results
i wasn't thrilled about the results
i was hoping for a deep gem tone 
something vibrant and fresh
this was not it
the color looks deeper in my bedroom because of the dim lighting
i am going to try different concoctions to try and receive the results that i was looking for
i should have checked the RIT website for this before beginning

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