Saturday, October 22, 2011

evolving: monthly resolution

so as i write about bettering our home, our dinners and our children
i know that i need to improve myself in order to live by example
i don't want to live an "okay" life
i want to make the best of the short time that is leased to me
so i decided that i want to make monthly resolutions

research says that it takes an amputee an average of 21 days to adjust to life without their limb
so if a person is capable of such major life changes in such a short period of time
 i am capable of making small changes that i hope will become a part of my everyday life
somethings will be easy, somethings will be hard

i hand wrote my resolutions
it gave me time to really think about what i wanted to change and why
{plus i haven't seen my own handwriting since word processors came along}
this month i want to:
 read to the boys everyday
we go to the library all the time but most of the time i have kyler read while i am cooking dinner or cleaning up
i want to be more involved in the academic part of his life
especially now that he is in school
i want him to know that we support him, we want to see him grow and that we want him to succeed
this gaps the bridge between home and school

drink more water
since living with my husband, i have been drinking more pop than i every had in my LIFE
your spouse will change you
but this way is bad... very bad
so i want to drink more water
flavored water
plain water
just not pop
i don't want love handles because of pepsi

curse less
i curse like a sailor
but NEVER in front of my children
it might be a pet peeve but i hate it when people curse in front of my kids
i have even scolded my mother for saying 'pussy' in front of kyler
she then proceeded to scold me for scolding her
{ ahhh... two mothers}
so if i can turn the switch on and off around my children,
i don't even want to turn the switch on anymore
i want to be more eloquently spoken 
and not sound so hood

call my siblings
i call my mother ALL the time but i don't call my siblings
most of the time i rely on word of mouth to hear what is going on
but i want to make more of an effort to hear from them and see what is up
each one of my siblings brings out a different side of me
so this is an effort to remain close with them as the distance between us has drastically increased since moving to seattle
now that i have decided what  my resolutions are, i decided to frame it
i wanted to solidify my commitment
i also wanted a visual reminder
i put the frame on my bathroom counter so every morning i know what i want to be working towards
i will let you know how things have gone next month when i figure out what else about me is annoying
{besides everything... as my brothers would say}
what do you want to change about yourself?

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