Friday, October 14, 2011

family: brooker family wish list

So I think I have alluded that my husband and I do not keep many things for sentimental purposes. This unfortunately does not stop our families from showering us with gifts that we may not necessarily find useful or practical. 

For example, when we got married we decided not to register for anything because 1. We are capable of purchasing our own blender and 2. We already had 2 households of stuff that somehow needed to fit into 1 home.  Even with extended conversations with family, our request for nothing went unheard.

For Christmas, my 4 year old son came home with a shopping cart full of presents just from my parents!

I hosted a baby shower for our son, Aspen, as a welcoming party and specifically put "We appreciate your presence, not presents" on the invitation. Once again, IGNORED.

I could go ON and ON and ON about all the situations we have been in where our families have been overly generous to the point that we have no IDEA where to stash any of the items they had purchased.

So how do you stop unwanted presents? And how do you spare hurt feelings when loved ones find out you no longer kept their beloved ________ (fill in the blank). 

A Family Wish List.

This is an example of what my husband and I had come up with one evening and had forwarded to our parents- since they are the biggest perps.

I included a paragraph in the email explaining our situation- limited storage, trying not to spoil the children, traveling to see us verses buying us things ect.

This has helped a lot with the guilt of donating and throwing things away because our families now have a very detailed list of the things we are open to keeping long term and to the things we find most useful.

When my mother strays from the list and then asks me where Kyler's ______ (fill in the blank) is... I am candid with her and tell her we no longer have it. 
If it wasn't on THE LIST,  it most likely isn't in the HOUSE.

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