Thursday, October 13, 2011

green: goodbye paper!

I read an article on about a woman looking for advice on how she could cut paper towels out of her kitchen habits and I kinda scoffed thinking, "Hello, Idiot. Just stop buying them!" 

I have been running a paper towel and tissue free home for the past 5 years by using old washcloths to clean both our bathrooms and our boogers. 
Obviously not using the same rag at the same time.


I noticed that at night time while snacking I was always reaching for a dish rag to wipe my hands and mouth with anyways. The thin transparent paper napkins never withstood my greasy spice encrusted popcorn fingers anyways. 

The transition was an easy one and not only are we using less paper products but the bowl adds a punch of color and looks like little faux flowers. 

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