Thursday, October 13, 2011

decor: ikea dresser hack

I like modern furniture, unfortunately my husband does not like the price of modern furniture. This is where IKEA saves our marriage and gives us an affordable and stylish option. 

My husband is oppossed to purchasing furniture that he will eventually have to move one day, but after months of bending over backwards to change Aspen's diapers he finally agreed a changing table of some sort would be best. Did I mention we were changing him on the bathroom counter?

That said.. I had purchased the TRONDHEIM chest of drawers. White, sturdy and only $150 bones.... (drooling)! Though it has everything I was looking for it lacked... UMPH.

I wanted to ombre effect the dresser by using contact paper- starting with black on the bottom and it getting lighter, but I figured that trend would come and go and that I would be stuck with a crap-tastic looking dresser. So the next best option..... a decal!

I found this decal at Michael's for $10. This sucker was over three feet wide so I decided to cut it up and apply a phrase on each drawer.

I positioned the decal on the center of the dresser. No ruler, just eye balling it. Then I used the vinyl applicator to smooth the decal. Running the credit card like device horizontally and vertically to remove all the air bubbles.

Then use a wet cloth to moisten the paper backing- like putting on one of those temporary tattoos.

Also, before you start.. try reading the directions. One major step I decided not to do and almost forgot this step!

Then slowly pull off the paper backing at a steep angle. 

Repeat these steps until your dresser is complete!

Now go forth and decal like CRAZY!

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