Thursday, October 13, 2011

organize: the boy's clothing

We clothe our baby but most days he is in a diaper and a bib. Aspen spits up so much sometimes the effort is just not worth it if we are just hanging out at home. Craig says we live in a naked house, but I prefer to call it the "scantily clad" house.

This revelation leads to my next post. Clothing. This is how much clothing we keep for our 4 month old son. 4 footed sleepers since it is getting cooler, 3 pairs of socks and 1 pair of homemade leg warmers. Stashed away we have two pairs of shoes, a sweater and a hat.

Oh and plenty of bibs.

Kyler's wardrobe is a little bit more expansive but not much more. All his clothing fits in one drawer and his shirts hang in the closet. He just started kindergarten so he has a little bit more clothing in rotation.
Kyler's shirts and the infamous 'Clothing Library' (post coming soon!)                     
It sounds crazy because it kinda is but I have simplified our life some much more by having less. Less clothing to wash and less things to match. I do laundry daily so it doesn't even make sense for us to have an outfit for everyday of the week- see Daily Cleaning Routine.

So what do I do with all the clothing family and friends give us?

Donate it.

I simply can not justify keeping things for the sake of keeping it. I rarely hold onto things for sentimental value and would much rather have another child get good use of it. Besides, our families don't listen to us when we tell them not to purchase us anything... so we have no choice if we want to live the life according to our own values.

So how much clothing is enough for you? My closet soon to come!

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