Wednesday, October 19, 2011

love: how i asked my husband to marry me

maybe its forward thinking
maybe its progressive
but i ask my husband to marry me

i knew i wanted to marry Craig from our very first date
we went to dinner and a wine bar and talked for hours
something felt so different and so amazing
i called my mom as i was driving home and told her i found "the one"
her response, "emily, it's 11 o'clock. you probably just had too much to drink. goodnight."
little did she know she would be attending our wedding one short year later

yeaup, so there was no getting down on one knee
there were no rose petals, chocolates or a fancy dinner

but there was a video:

i emailed it to Craig and waited to see his reaction
well he was blind-sided, shocked and caught off guard
but it started the conversation of being together forever
and after meeting each other's families, we announced our engagement!

so there ya go girls
if you want something'
go out and get it
grab life by the balls and scream
to marry ME!

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