Friday, October 21, 2011

organize: clothing library

 a clothing library, eh?
i know it sounds kinda neurotic 
but it's ok
i have a neurologist in the house
this is the holy grail when it comes to clothing my children
this all started when kyler was a baby
{so 5 years in the making}
i have kept all his clothing since birth
knowing that he would not be the sole owner
yes, i lugged all this clothing from one home to the other
even across the country
but once aspen arrived
i did not have to buy a single article of clothing
it pays to save!
not only did i keep all of kyler's clothing
but i shop for clothing that is on clearance
even if it's meant for years later
{currently kyler is 5 and I have shirts for him when he is 11}
i try not to spend more than $5 for shirts, $8 for pants and $10 for outerwear
even though this system requires storage space and planning
it saves me hundred of dollars
i never have to scramble to the store and pay full price to buy my kids pants or shirts because they magically grew out of everything over night
i have a plethora of sizes stored right in their very own closet
plus, when a $3 Rolling Stones t-shirt makes your kid this happy
all the effort and planning was worth it
thank you, clothing library!

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