Monday, October 17, 2011

organize: folding towels

my mother in law, Mary.... she rocks!
she is this quite natured woman who raised 4 awesome children.
she also is Super-Mom (notice the capitalization)!

she knows all these little tricks and tid bits that I never knew such as cutting your nails straight across to avoid hang nails and ingrowns.
 Or freezing garlic to keep it longer.

Mary also taught me how to properly fold towels and sheets.
apparently Mary has the ins with Oprah AND Martha.
Mary's people talked to Oprah's people and passed on this folding advice.

begin on a flat surface
lay towel out lengthwise
make sure the tag is pointing up
the last thing you want is a tag flopping out all over the place at the very end
you are going to fold the towel in thirds
a good time to brush up on your fractions in case you have forgotten
fold the towel down
hot dog style
make sure your edges are lined up
apparently Oprah is a curious house guest 
and will peak in your medicine cabinet and drawers and she pays attention to messy edges
so don't act like i never warned you!
fold the bottom edge upwards
fold the towel across into a rectangle
fold again into a rectangle
side view
back view
well anyone can give props to Oprah but my shout out is to Mary
now i have a Martha-worthy linen closet that Oprah would be proud of!

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