Saturday, October 15, 2011

food: playing with knives

My first stitches were two years ago. I was cutting potatoes and stabbed myself... right in the thumb. It was not good. Ever since, I have been scarred and scared of using a knife. I always enjoyed cooking but I wanted to learn the skills needed to man handle a knife. I no longer wanted to hack away at things hoping my fingers would still be attached when it was time to eat.

This is where Sur La Table's cooking class comes to the rescue! I signed up for Essential Knife Skills, hoping I would leave with all ten of my fingers and at least my confidence back. But let me tell you.. I left with so much more! The experience was fantastic, the teacher was an industry expert and I learned more in 3 hours than I did in my 5 years of college!
When I arrived to the class I was welcomed with an apron and my own work station. Equipped there was a cutting board, a chef's knife, a paring knife, a veg peeler and an array of vegetables to later use in class.

The instructor had so much information to share with us I thought that my head was going to EXPLODE! I was so excited I took notes. My information packet ended up looking like the uni-bomber got a hold of it!
In all seriousness,  our instructor shared useful food knowledge and pairings, proper technique when using the knives and even recipes. It was an open arena when it come to questions and concerns and the relaxed environment was very conducive to the hands on learning.

An added bonus- we made our own snack while learning all the different cuts and got a coupon to use in the store.
The class was over three hours long with time to chow on our snack and scope out the store. This was very dangerous since the store is loaded with amazing-ness... husbands beware! 
{elegant and timeless}

{LOVE the purple damask napkins}
When it comes to buying kitchen tools, Sur La Table is a bit too rich for my blood but the $59 dollars spent on this class was far more useful than a state of the art garlic press. I learned skills that will last a lifetime!

Since I am so inspired, I will share all the techniques I learned during this class. So stayed tuned and keep on cooking!

Here are some more togs from the class!
{halving grape tomatoes by the dozen}
{oblique and julienne cut carrots}
{ribbon cut spinach}
{segmenting an orange}

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