Friday, October 21, 2011

recipe: cajun chicken with dill remoulade

 i am a big fan of cooking shows
hells kitchen, kitchen nightmares, masterchef
(craig says i am having an affair with gordon ramsey
... i am still thinking of an alibi)
after watching a tournament of chopped
i saw a chef make cornmeal crusted chicken 
i decided to spice it up and make it cajun style
accompanied with a dill remoulade and 7 sided parsley potatoes

read, follow, eat & enjoy

prep work: parsley potatoes
start with good ole' idaho potatoes
wash um' and cut them in half
to cut 7 sided potatoes you want to envision an axis from the top to the bottom
you want your potato to resemble an egg like shape only with 7 sides 
 like so
add the taters to a pot of water and put on the stove
cut fresh parsely very fine to add to the potatoes at a later time

prep work: cajun chicken
 to prep the chicken's crust mix cornmeal, cajun seasoning and salt together in a medium sized bowl
i added alot of seasoning because i wanted the crust to be extra flavorful
whisk an egg for the egg wash
now dredge the chicken fillets into the egg and then thoroughly coat in the cornmeal mixture
set aside in a wax paper covered dish

prep work: dill remeloude
for the remeloude you will need dill pickles, cajun seasoning and mayo
small dice the dill pickles
mix together all the ingrediants in a small bowl 
taste and adjust your flavors
i wanted the remoulade a little bit thinner so i added a dash of the pickle juice

cooking: parsley potatoes
place the potatoes on the burner to boil them for 8 minutes to soften
once a fork can comfortably pierce them, drain and add to a pan of melted butter
add fresh cut parsley and let butter brown

cooking: cajun chicken
heat oil in pan on medium high heat
the oil is ready to use when there is a soft smoke to it and the oil's viscosity has thinned dramatically
cook and brown on both side
set aside on paper towel or kitchen cloth to absorb the extra oil
this is essential so the chicken has a crunchy texture and does not taste like it is swimming in oil 
plate your chicken, remoulade and potatoes
garnish with fresh parsley
hope you enjoy this as much as we did!
please comment if there are any recipe adjustments you make
i would like to hear all the variations!


  1. I'm going to try this tonight, Em! Yum!

  2. Good Luck Jennie! It was delicious... Kyler ate as much as Craig and I that night. Let me know how it goes and take a pic and send it to me if you think of it! xxoo


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