Tuesday, October 25, 2011

review: european coffee maker

i don't drink coffee
the problem?
other people do
my mother insists on purchasing a coffee maker for me every time she finds out we don't have one
she also threatens not to visit us if we don't get her her caffeine fix
i always end up throwing it away after my monthly household purge fests
i don't want to store a one trick pony aka a coffee maker
especially when i don't drink coffee
so here is a wonderful surprise i found at world market
a eurpoean coffee maker

 it was $4.99
{i got a 2 dollar discount for being a 'world traveler'- their version of club card member}
from far away it looked like an angled coffee mug
but up close you can see that it has a hole in the bottom
you fit it with a #4 coffee filter
place the coffee grounds in the filter and place the contraption on top of a mug
then you boil water and pour it through the maker
the grounds steep and freshly made coffee drips into you mug!
the best part is that it stores easily and is dishwasher safe
so come on over now...
we got joe

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