Wednesday, November 30, 2011

how to: keep cut flowers fresh longer

the nerdy part of me is going to share these helpful tips on how to keep flowers fresher longer
some of the main reasons fresh cut flowers die quickly is because of bacteria, yeast and fungi growth 
and lack of food supply
following these quick and easy steps to beautiful flowers all year long
first start by putting your bouquet in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours before arranging them
this will TRIPLE their lifespan
start by washing your vases with an antibacterial soap
add cold water
warm or hot water will dehydrate your flowers
i use the water from our brita filter
the water does not need to come up more than 6 inches of the flower's stems
any leaves that are under the water level should be removed to prevent decay and bacteria growth
add one aspirin
its acidity will prevent bacterial growth
add half a teaspoon of sugar
this will act as a food supply for the flowers
before cutting the flowers, disinfect the surface of the knife and cutting board
i use just plain ole' bleach
i also prefer to use a knife because it gives the stems of the flowers a cleaner cut
scissors can hack away and damage the cell walls if dull
once trimmed, place flowers in the vase
you should re-cut the stems every couple of days
making sure you disinfect your knife again
5 days later
7 days later
seven days later and going strong!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

green living: cloth baby wipes

i've wanted to do cloth wipes for a really long time
in fact i have had them for a really long time
and just found them shoved under our bed
designated cloth baby wipes are expensive
so i just bought a couple packs of baby wash cloths which are not expensive
making the solution is EASY
gather an empty wipe container, water, baby wash and the wipes
add water and the baby wash
{ i love the apple honey soap by johnson's... my kids smell so yummy! }
soak the wipes in the solution
and that's it!
the wipes dispense easily out of the container and since we are using cloth diapers
we can just change, wipe and chuck everything in our diaper pail
just our way of patting mother earth on the back!

d.i.y- mid century candle holder

i found this candle holder at goodwill for $5.99
i loved the design and shape
but unfortunately i did not like the color or condition of the exterior
i am not ready to go gold... but am contemplating mixing metals.... but until then
i wanted to modernize it
i took a can of spray paint to it
three light coats of paint
the finished product was something i would happily display in my living room!
anything else worth spray painting?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

how to: fold prefolds

i am in the process of completing a cloth diapering post 
{ with giveaway!}
i decided to use prefolds since they have stood the test of time
i heard stories about my mother cleaning cloth nappies so maybe i am a little nostalgic as well
 i wanted to share with your three basic ways to fold a cloth diaper

i know its ironic that i am folding a cloth diaper over a disposable in the video tutorials
but i didn't want aspen's 'bits' all over the internet
too many creepers out there
admittedly, we use disposables at night time since they hold more liquid and lets us get an extra couple hours of sleep...
that is priceless to craig and me, but different strokes for different folks!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

makeover: dresser

so this precious dresser is something i got for goodwill for $10 bones
it started as a walnut finished dresser with scratches and nicks
not too appealing
but i liked the shape, hardware and the size
unfortunately i didn't take 'before' pictures
i can be dumb like that sometimes... maybe more often than i would like to admit
but i wanted a mod feel to it that would complement my 'in living room' office area
like this beaut:
only without the heinous price tag!
 i followed the same steps as my chair makeover
sanding, wiping, and painting
 i was going to spray the hardware silver but decided against it
i like the mod dresser with the old and worn handles
i think it adds character
 and it will allow me to venture into mixing metals
i am hesitant but maybe this is my stepping stone!

Friday, November 25, 2011

drinking: cucumber lemon infused water

one of the best things about the spa is not only the pampering
{because what girl couldn't use a little bit of that?}
but the water they give you after a massage
inspired and in need of some relaxation,
i bring to your cucumber and lemon water

be careful not to add too much lemon since it can become overpowering

it's so simple and adds a bit of unexpected luxury to your day!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

evolving: diverse holidays

so if you haven't noticed... i love IKEA
but this is just one more reason to love the big box blue and yellow holiness
ethnic santa wrapping paper
now we don't do the whole santa clause thing in our house
its just not how we roll
{ we emphasize family, togetherness and jesus' birthday... yes we are THOSE people }
though i don't agree with the fat man in a red suit fantasy,
 i will support a wide spread acceptance of different cultures and traditions
because christmas, or no christmas....that just rocks!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

cooking: burger sliders

i didn't do a formal tutorial for this since i was scrambling to get this to the table

i simply used my favorite burger recipe
{ my secret ingredient is adding some red wine to the mix }
and made these little delectable bite sized burgers!
i added all the vegetables i had in the house to add color, texture and flavorful depth
and made some roasted and herb potatoes to go with them!
what are your quick dinner go to's?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

cooking: caper almond salmon with green beans

this is one of my favorite recipes
its quick, easy and delicious! 
the boys get so excited when i say this is whats for dinner
start by seasoning the salmon with salt and pepper
boil water for the green beans
slowly melt butter in a small saucepan
because this meal is so quick you will be doing many things simultaneously
once the water boils, add the green beans
and add the salmon to the grill
let the butter brown, when you start seeing it foam, add sliced almonds
you want these crispy and crunchy
be careful not to burn the almonds
once the fish is near done, you will be able to see the color change in the fish
flip it over to cook on the opposite side
add the capers into butter sauce
the sauce will bubble but heat thoroughly
do not let the capers fry
once the fish and beans are done, begin plating!
hope you love this as much as we do!