Sunday, November 6, 2011

cooking: clam chowder

for christmas, craig's mother always made clam chowder
he has fond memories of a big hearty bowl of soup with ham sandwiches
so after fighting with craig for 3 days, i had to do something nice for him
so i offered clam chowder as a peace treaty
start by frying as much bacon as you want
i used a pound of bacon
{it was a pretty bad fight, i wasn't going to skimp on the bacon}
small dice potatoes, celery, onion and toss them in a large saucepan with some olive oil
drain and add 4 cans of clams
i added half of a freshly squeezed lemon to neutralize the fishy smell
add enough half and half to cover all the ingredients for the potatoes to cook and soften
once the bacon is done
set aside to crisp and crumble
toss into the mixture
use the bacon grease to make the cream base for the soup
guesstimate how much bacon grease is in the pan
and add equal amounts of flour to it
whisk this so it bubbles
but do not let it burn
then add  half and half to the flour mixture
i had 3/4 a cup of flour, with 3/4 a cup of grease mixed with 1 quart of half and half
whisk this until smooth
add this to the large saucepan with the potatoes and clams
you are probably going to need more cream base then that so repeat but with butter and half and half
equal parts of butter mixed with equal parts of flour
bubble, whisk and add the half and half until smooth
{i have to smuggling butter into the house, so i would never let craig know how much actually went into making his bowl full of love. i just tell him it's fat free.}
i then added all the cream base 
if you want it thinner then add more half and half directly to your large saucepan
add frozen corn
the corn just needs to be heated thoroughly
then salt and pepper your soup as desired
garnish with some celery leaf
so there it is...
make-up soup!


  1. clam chowder is one of my all time fave dishes. so this is a really awesome recipe that I will be trying out! thanks!


  2. It was a great way to experiment with making a cream based soup! Think of all the possibilities now! Baked potato soup... Cream of broccoli! Oh what a great way to warm up this fall!


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