Friday, November 4, 2011

cooking: crab salad with potato wedges

the fish monger at our market LOVES kyler
he always gives ky new things to try from behind the counter
and he gave him this amazing crab meat
we scooped a pound up
and i made delicious crab salad sandwiches
i started by prepping the potato wedges since they were going to take the longest
i used a pampered chef hand held crinkle slicer
it's basically a hand held guillotine
it hacks potatoes and cheese with ease!
i sliced the potatoes into wedges
coated them with olive oil, salt, pepper and thyme
i popped them into the oven set for 500 degrees
they take about 20 minutes to cook which is plenty of time to prep your crab salad
i small diced everything
crab, carrots, raddichio and chives
i added enough mayo to coat all my ingredients
i'm not a big fan of sloppy mayo so i used just enough for everything to stick together
season the mixture how you like
 i used salt and pepper
i also wanted ketchup with some kick

i added a dash of curry and mixed it together

once the potatoes are finished plate everything and enjoy!

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