Wednesday, November 2, 2011

cooking: homemade baby food- carrots

my dearest friend, ali, asked me if i was going to make my own baby food
of course, i was going to
{ ding }
the light bulb went off in my head
aspen is of solid food eating age
i need to get on it and make this boy some food!
luckily i had some great organic carrots from the market
carrots! what a great first food!
because honestly the oatmeal cereal looks like stuff from a nursing home
so start with a double boiler
fill it with water and wait until it boils
peel and cut the carrots and chuck them into the steamer
you are going to steam the carrots until soft
don't worry too much about over cooking them
you're making them into mush
don't be so hard on yourself
i used my cuisinart mini prep to do all the hard work
{ mine cost about $10 and has lasted over 7 years! }
i added the steamed carrots into it and chopped and blended until smooth
i used some expressed milk to get the vegs to the right consistency
you could also use the water in the boiler or some formula
you decide what is best!
aspen is a bit young so i wanted his food to be on the thinner side
if you got yourself a bigger kid then you can make it chunkier
i made enough for 2 weeks
but since this is not going to last that long,
i am going to need to freeze it
use an ice cube tray to freeze individual size servings
once it is frozen solid, crack the cube out and put it in a dated freezer bag
so all of that food for the little sprog for the cost of the carrots which was $1
that's an amazing price considering organic baby food is about $1 per container
{ rip off! }
it takes very little time, to make lots of food!
{ please remember that when introducing solids into your child's diet to feed your child one new food at a time per week. this will help to easily identify if you child has any food allergies }


  1. Good for you making your own baby food. I used to when making dinner for the hubby, take a bit of say potatoes out of the pot before any seasoning was added to the mash, and put aside for baby needs. When they got older did with various meats too and pureed it up for them. Never bought store food for any of my three kidlets and pretty sure I saved a ton of money.

  2. that was my thoughts exactly! to feed the baby whatever it was that we were eating for dinner. i can't wait to experiment all the different types of food, so he can try some of my more adventurous recipes like korean tofu and capered salmon!


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