Sunday, November 20, 2011

cooking: s&p chicken with pear and pomegranate stuffing

i was craving stuffing
but not the ordinary stove top
i wanted a sweet autumn stuffing that would complement a simple savory chicken
i used chicken thighs
and seasoned them with salt, pepper and sprigs of thyme
i placed them in a dutch oven at 400 degrees
this would give me enough time to prep and cook the stuffing and butternut squash
for the stuffing, i tore a loaf of french bread into small pieces
i small diced pears and added pomegranate seed
i seasoned with salt and pepper
added an egg
and mixed together well
i also sauteed onions and celery
and added to the stuffing mix
i cooked this in a pie dish and place in the oven
for the butternut squash, i cut it in half and sliced
i skinned the squash and cut the pieces into trapezoids
i seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper
this was placed in the oven as well
the timing worked out great
chicken, then stuffing, then squash
stuffing craving... SATISFIED!

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