Wednesday, November 9, 2011

cooking: tapas

i wasn't in the mood for the traditional meat and potatoes for dinner
but i did make potatoes
small plates it was!

the three dishes i decided to make were:
balsamic potatoes with green beans
smoked salmon with mint cream
marinated grapes with red onions

i made the entire meal cohesive by carrying one ingrediant from one course to the other
potatoes with the beans & potatoes under the salmon
mint in the cream & mint in the marinade for the grapes
this seemed to carry one small plate to the next very easily
i also decided to end with a cold plate so the meal would end on a light and fresh note

 balsamic potatoes with green beans
start by boiling 2 pots of salted water
one will be for hard boiled eggs
i made four of them and set them aside
the other will be for the potatoes
wash cut and quarter your potatoes
cook your potatoes until they are 'close' to done
then add the green beans and boil both ingredients for another 2 minutes
to make the balsamic dressing you are going to add olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper
drain and coat the potatoes and green beans with the balsamic dressing
slice the eggs and plate them with the beans and potatoes
shave some parmesean cheese and sprinkle some parsley on top

smoked salmon with mint cream
thinly slice potatoes and fry them in oil
once the potatoes are fried, let them drain on a kitchen towel
i used smoked salmon that was already sliced
place the salmon on the potato with a dollop of sour cream
garnish with some mint and a sliver of red onion

marinated grapes with red onion
start by thinly slicing some red onion
i used a mandolin so the slices of onion would be even
marinate the onion in red wine vinegar, salt and pepper for 20 minutes
wash and halve green grapes
add them to the onion and refrigerate for 1 hour
to serve, scoop some of the grape and onion salad
garnish with some goat cheese and some mint

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