Thursday, November 17, 2011

d.i.y: paint chip holiday garland

kyler and i were at home depot and found these great paint chips by Behr
they are shaped like leaves 
but when held vertically they look like holiday lights
going with that, i decided to make a garland for our fireplace mantle
i used some left over black ribbon
the chips had a hole already indented to be punched out
i threaded the 'leaves' with the ribbon
i then knotted the tops
i continued to do this until the entire length of the ribbon was filled
i finished one length and this is what it looked like
{ i wanted to wait for kyler to come home from school to do some with me! }
kyler completed the two strands on the side
he also went to go on to say that i didn't make a pattern and scolded me as a 5 year old typically does
here is our finished paint chip garland
yes, kyler poses like he is getting his picture taken at sears
a christmas decoration that costs less than a dollar!
now go to home depot and hit them up for all they got...
just don't tell them that i sent you!

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