Tuesday, November 1, 2011

d.i.y: world map

now that kyler is in school i wanted to encourage his scholarly endeavors
i thought a map for his side of the room would be great
a decal would have cost over $50 and a map from toys r us was $80 bones
REALLY? for a MAP?
i also wanted to make use of the black wall of abyss on kyler's side of the room
i had purchased 3 sets of IKEA Trones which is really 9 additional compartments of storage
they are originally suppossed to be used to store shoes
but they are also the perfect size to store bed linens, pillows, bath mats and every other extra thing you don't need lying around on a daily basis
so i decided i wanted to turn the ugly but wonderful storage units into a large piece of art but on the cheap
i have read on decorating sites how people made murals using a site called rasterbator.com
{ no this is NOT that kinda post }
its a free site that takes an image and turns it into a huge pixel mural
it saves as a pdf onto your computer and then all you have to do is print it out
i found a black and white image of a map on the internet
uploaded onto the website and printed out my PDF at the library for free
free is a better price
i set it out on the floor so i could measure it and figure out where i wanted to place it on the storage compartments
i did a preliminary mock up and taped them to the units
i wanted the mural to be split in three sections across the bins so it looked like film strips
visually you will still be able to piece the map together as a whole even with the large black gaps between the strips
i used wall paper adhesive with a sponge brush and pasted them onto the surface of the units
once three of the pages were properly placed on the fronts of the trones, i used some adhesive to seal the tops of the images
this makes the paper wrinkle and bubble a little bit but i did my best to smoosh the air out and to deflect the curling to the edges
i continued to paste the map until the entire first row was done
some of the pages continued onto the next storage unit but you do not want to cut them until it is dry because you will get an edge that looks like this:
ugly right? wait for it to dry... then cut off the excess
continue these steps until the entire map is placed how you would like it
i skipped space so the mural was on all three rows of the bins
keep on going and when you are done, open the bins so the mural can dry
and so you don't glue the bins shut
that would suck
once the wallpaper glue was dry, i used a clear coat to seal the map
and since i was a rushing dummie i had all those ugly edges to deal with
here is what they look like again.. just as a reminder
so i used electrical tape to even out all the edges on my bins
i used long stripes on each individual bin to secure the image onto the bins and to even out my cutting catastrophe
its not as perfect as a decal would have looked
its not an $80 map
but it works
i like the worn in wrinkly map look especially since the boys room is very modern with severe lines
it adds a touch of character
so what do ya think?
easy and practically free!

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  1. Fantastic...!!! Great idea...!!!

  2. Hi There! I used the site www.rastorbator.com

    Hope this helps in your crafting adventures!

  3. What are the two paint colours used on the walls? Thanks.

    1. we lived in an apartment and those are the colors that came with the place so i am not sure!


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