Sunday, November 6, 2011

evolving: personal style

when i was growing up, i wore anything
green stretch pants... spirit day, senior in high school, parents HATED them
combat boots... parents refused to buy them for me,  i bought them myself 
hollister... yes, in a time of weakness.

but since having kids, i can't really get away with that anymore
i mean, i can but then people will assume that i am one of those mothers who aren't in touch with reality
and that i am trying to relive my youth through my children
... oh, you've seen those women before?

so 2 kids later... things are just not the same.
no need for graphic details here, 
but i figured out what i should be hiding 
{ my gut }
and what i could be semi-flaunting
{ my ta-tas.... a big WORD UP to the breastfeeding gods!}

so i purged my closet
i tried everything on
the things i thought were great... were not so great anymore
or hugged the wrong place
or made me look WORSE.. not better
well i found all those closet culprits and black bagged them and dropped them off at goodwill

when i looked at what was left, i realized that the majority of my things were the staples
clothing that i have kept for years, because it has done me good
weird ruffle top? c-ya
black t-shirts? helloooo lover!
{a lover you actually want to keep around none the less... }

i am finishing up the final touches on my closet haul
so i want to know...
what are your staples?


  1. my closet haul seems to not being getting much progress. I was able to get 3 piles of clothes spread out on top of my bed, then after going through half of the pile I got overwhelmed and couldn't go on. I still have...tons of clothes on my bed haha. I did however manage to discover that my staples are jeans, button ups, and black tops haha.


  2. I think haul is the only word i can use to describe the process because u are hauling piles of junk from one place to another! Black tops for sure! I am going to do a post on closet swapping if u are interested in joining!


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