Sunday, November 13, 2011

family: forced family fun

there is an episode of 'parenthood' where christina, the mother, forces her family to go mini golfing
she ends up kicking them out of the car because they were all complaining and she sped off without them leaving them in the middle of the street...
after almost doing that to my family last weekend, we finally made it to a park this weekend
my husband finished his sleep boards so he actually has a smile on his face 
and the kids seemed to be in good spirits
we went to saint edwards state park in juanita
they had a great playground and we took a little hike around the woods
it was gorgeous
the leaves were vibrant and the trees were enormous
i tried getting a picture of the boys, but aspen is infatuated with kyler
and would not smile at me to save his life!
regardless, it was a wonderful day
yay to forced family fun!

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