Friday, November 4, 2011

fashion: bethenny frankel's closet confession

in the midst of gathering everything for my very own closet haul
i wanted to share this clip
now you either love or hate the real housewives
craig hates it..i nod my head in agreement
 and then run off with headphones to watch whatever internet episodes i can find... 
bethenny may be the biggest bitch on the block, 
but she's funny and has a clothing library for her kid too!
i even caught craig giggling when watching this


  1. omg first of all i love all the yiddish in this video. and i love the baby huggable hangars. and i want another closet and a container store shopping spree. thanks for sharing!!

  2. i love the bird shit and coco chanel reference! who would have thought that those two things would have ever been in the same sentence!


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