Wednesday, November 16, 2011

fashion: closet haul

in my dream world,  my closet would look like this:
but in reality it looks like this:
this is what happens when you live in an apartment and have no real say about configuration and fixtures
but there are worse things than wire shelves
now i don't think craig would agree with the following statement, but
i actually do not have that much clothing
{considering my age and how much stuff girls usually have in general}
i keep the classics, the staples...
 the pieces that i love
trendy only lasts so long
i want my favorite pieces and i want to wear them
not sometimes
but all the time

so here is the final breakdown:
4 pairs of jeans & 1 pair of black skinnys
9 pairs of dress pants
5 skirts

47 tops
tanks, t's, sweaters, blouses... basically anything that covers your boobs
19 pairs of shoes
athletic, dress, sandal and boots
6 purses

and miscellaneous things in the drawers
leggings, socks, pajama pants, running shorts
oh and underwear.
yes i wear underwear.

i also wear a limited color palette
i know that this is not for everybody
but it makes getting dressed easy
anything i grab will match
because everything is neutral
i have two tops...
that are color-rific
the majority of everything else is white, beige, navy or black
and if i am partial to anything colored its going to be red or purple
there ya have it... my closet in a post.
what's in your closet?

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