Sunday, November 13, 2011

fashion: wedding dress makeover

i love my wedding dress...
i love it enough to drag it across the country when we moved
but not enough for it to take up mounds of precious storage space
i had it shoved in a tupperware container in the 'closet of death'
and forgot about it for the past year
it was wrinkled and in need of a make over
i decided to cut the dress to shorten it
to make it more versatile
i started by chopping off the poofy tulle
this added form and structure to my dress to help it flare out at the bottom
but i no longer needed this
i pulled the inside lining through the top of the dress so as i worked on the bottom portion i wouldn't accidentily cut through it
 i found a seam on the dress that went all the way around
becasue the dress was a trumpet style all the excess fabric was acnhored on this seam
this was where i was going to cut the dress
i tried it on before cutting it
it was going to be short in the front and longer in the back if i followed the seam
i tried using a seam ripped but opted for the scissors instead
the dress was lined and have three layers of fabric on the bottom portion
that train was heavier than i remembered!
i hacked away until it was in two pieces
the train joined the tulle on the floor
to be used for other projects
i then folded the monster seam up and hand stitched it all the way around

once that was done, i realized it needed to be cleaned
we had hamburgers at out wedding and i noticed little splotches of ketchup
{ i get a little excited when i eat }
i used a home dry cleaning cloth to clean out the spots
 and this is what it looks like finished
the inside of the dress needs to be relined
especially since the back is longer than the front
another time... another tutorial!
but for now it's good enough
my plan is to wear my wedding dress every time my husband and i go out to celebrate our anniversary
now i can wear this dress once a year, instead of once a lifetime!
what did you do with your wedding dress?

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