Saturday, November 19, 2011

fashion: what's in your purse?

a woman can be defined by their purse
the exterior shows the world what you find attractive
 what's your style 
conservative, trendy, vintage, boho
but as important as the outside is...
it's contents will also reveal what you value, what you need and
 what you find important enough to lug around ALL day
1. my wallet: money, photo identification, vip information 2. epi pen: kyler once had a very bad allergic reaction to something unknown.. this has turned me into a paranoid mother 3. glasses: i barely wear them but should more often 4. camera: yes my phone has a cam but the quality is just not the same 5. htc evo: IMHO better than the iPhone, not as trendy and cool but functional and life changing 6. advil: craig gets chronic migraines so in case of emergencies 7. ouch pouch: mini first aid kit... more for the kiddos 8. antibacterial soap: kids are dirty, they inherently make you dirty. i like clean hands 9. lip gloss: viva glam... versatile color and has magical insta-glam powers 10. coupons & giftcards: because not spending money and saving money is my kind of high 11. iPod shuffle: so i needed to be a little cool... this is for the quick jaunts to the gym 12. keys: because i can't leave the house without them and if i'm not leaving the house.. i'm not carrying a purse!

so i want to know:
what is your style? and what do you value?

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