Wednesday, November 30, 2011

how to: keep cut flowers fresh longer

the nerdy part of me is going to share these helpful tips on how to keep flowers fresher longer
some of the main reasons fresh cut flowers die quickly is because of bacteria, yeast and fungi growth 
and lack of food supply
following these quick and easy steps to beautiful flowers all year long
first start by putting your bouquet in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours before arranging them
this will TRIPLE their lifespan
start by washing your vases with an antibacterial soap
add cold water
warm or hot water will dehydrate your flowers
i use the water from our brita filter
the water does not need to come up more than 6 inches of the flower's stems
any leaves that are under the water level should be removed to prevent decay and bacteria growth
add one aspirin
its acidity will prevent bacterial growth
add half a teaspoon of sugar
this will act as a food supply for the flowers
before cutting the flowers, disinfect the surface of the knife and cutting board
i use just plain ole' bleach
i also prefer to use a knife because it gives the stems of the flowers a cleaner cut
scissors can hack away and damage the cell walls if dull
once trimmed, place flowers in the vase
you should re-cut the stems every couple of days
making sure you disinfect your knife again
5 days later
7 days later
seven days later and going strong!

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