Friday, November 18, 2011

how to: make a no-sew hair bow

this is a quick and simple way to make a no-sew bow
can be used for cupcake toppers, envelope embellishments or...
when i have a daughter, i am going to need a whole dresser just for accessories
{ craig is obviously still unaware of this fact }
so i just purchased a new duvet cover and it came in a fabric pouch... that is the purple fabric
it was too pretty to throw away so i had to find a way to repurpose
the zebra fabric was just a fabric store find
the zebra part was going to be the bow and the purple was going to be the ribbon around the center
cut two rectangles
the bow section being larger and the center being smaller
i didn't measure
{ because i have man tendencies like not asking for directions }
i just went by the seat of my pants
start with the center piece
you are going to fold it into thirds
first up and then down
i ironed it to keep the lines crisp
set this aside
do the same thing to the bow fabric
fold in thirds and iron
now get out your handy glue gun and warm that sucker up
you are going to fold the sides of the bow towards the center
and line it with glue to secure it shut
then you are going to acordian fold the bow at the center
glue the folds on the back side
clip the bow until it dries
then wrap the purple center fabric around the center and glue
after the glue dries, slip a bobby pin or alligator clip through the center fabric
wear and enjoy!
i even made aspen one... which gave me inspiration for another project
can you guess what it will be?
if you are interested in purchasing or commissioning some bows, please contact me!

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