Saturday, November 26, 2011

makeover: dresser

so this precious dresser is something i got for goodwill for $10 bones
it started as a walnut finished dresser with scratches and nicks
not too appealing
but i liked the shape, hardware and the size
unfortunately i didn't take 'before' pictures
i can be dumb like that sometimes... maybe more often than i would like to admit
but i wanted a mod feel to it that would complement my 'in living room' office area
like this beaut:
only without the heinous price tag!
 i followed the same steps as my chair makeover
sanding, wiping, and painting
 i was going to spray the hardware silver but decided against it
i like the mod dresser with the old and worn handles
i think it adds character
 and it will allow me to venture into mixing metals
i am hesitant but maybe this is my stepping stone!

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