Friday, November 11, 2011

organizing: folding t-shirts and hoodies

being a poor college student, i worked full time to make ends meet
this meant working retail
i could tell you about 172 different ways to organize, fold and track the 'inventory' in your closet
yet these two ways to folding have stuck with me... thank you express and abercrombie!
they have proven the test of time and have stuck with me years later
{ this technique will give you a perfect box folded t.shirt}
{this technique will allow you to easily stack your sweatshirts}
from my house to yours!


  1. whoa! my mind is completely blown!!

  2. useless knowledge... not so useless after all!

  3. Dude im so folding hoodies like that now. lol

  4. it makes stacking them so easy! see... abercrombie isn't so evil after all... they taught me this! hahaha

  5. These are fantastic! I travel so much for work, this will be perfect. Any tips on folding blazers or coats so they aren't so wrinkled? Thanks!!

  6. Hey Lyndsey! I do know how to fold blazers! I will work on that and post it ASAP! Hope work is going well!


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