Thursday, November 10, 2011

organizing: jewelry

this is dedicated to my dearest, hannah
she recently began selling premier jewelry 
she was my inspiration
i don't buy expensive jewelry
i buy jewelry that i know i will wear
and that i won't be filled with regret if i lose
$4 earrings from forever 21 are my fave
i used to store my jewelry in plastic scrap booking organizers and individual pouches
they were great
they were compartmentalized and clear
the problem:
i had to dig through my closet to find and wear something
most days i can't find two socks
i need things where i can see it
this is where jewelry canvases come in handy
now i have all my baubles where i can see them
and i can easily pick out and put on everything that has been hiding
i started with plain cork boards
i found these at joann's for $10 each
they were quite large and had a wooden frame on the underside which is what i was looking for
i purchased some white linen and ironed out all the wrinkles
in hindsight i should have starched it as well, to keep it stiff as i manipulated the fabric during the process
so i cut the fabric around the board leaving some allowance for it to be upholstered
i stapled across the top edge
pulled the fabric as tight as i could and stapled to the bottom edge
i did the same thing with the sides
starting on one side and then the other
for the corners, i took the point and pulled it towards the center of the board
this created seams that were square
staple and repeat to all the corner
then using T-pins experiment where you want your jewelry placed
i changed things a dozen times
i also used one board to gold and another for silver & colored pieces
i was even able to hang bracelets using two T-pins strategically

here is what they look like in the scheme of our room
our closets are the mirrors to the left
this make dressing pretty so much easier!
what i love about this is that now my jewelry are tiny pieces of art..
they stand alone and it's GORGEOUS, darling!

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