Tuesday, November 15, 2011

parenting: lying to your children

one of the main reasons i chose not to introduce santa clause to kyler was because i didn't want to lie to him
i am still recovering emotionally from the time i found out that the fat man was really just my sneaky mom and dad
kyler has been caught lying lately
about silly, trivial things
so inspired by the jimmy kimmel challenge, i decided to lie to kyler and tell him that i ate all his halloween candy
this is what his swag looked like
this is what he is going to see when breaking the news
so on the car ride home from school, i kept tell kyler how hungry i was all day and how i had a 'snack attack'
once he came home and got settled, he 'discovered' some candy wrappers on my desk
which then led to this wonderful conversation 
{obviously i am a terrible liar because i was trying not to laugh the entire time}
kyler was all smiles after the tear wiping and after scarfing a candy down
and even though this may make me the worse mother in the world, my point was made and kyler hasn't lied since
team mommy... 1 point.


  1. hahaha! i could never show this to my mom... i think she would disown me.


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