Monday, November 7, 2011

sewing: pouch sling for baby

i wish i had more hands
but until that day comes
i have a baby sling
i like the traditional pouch sling for running errands and doing things around the house because it is easy to get aspen in and out very easily
to make this sling you are going to need two different fabrics
i chose two with contrasting patterns but of similar colors
i found these on clearance and spent $15 for a total of 4 yards- 2 yards of each
you will need enough to wrap around yourself from the top of one shoulder to the opposite hip
you will wear this like a messenger bag
i am 5'6" so the following measurements are for somebody around that size
i made the mistake of making a similar sized sling for a friend who is a foot taller than me... was more like a scarf than a sling
first start by cutting the fabric in half down the center seam
the folded seam is a great way to divide the fabric
do this to both pieces
if you have not ironed your fabric
you will want to before pinning and sewing
you will need the iron for future steps
so don't be lazy and start off on a good note!
align the two pieces together with the wrong side on the outside
fold the pieces widthwise
and then fold them lengthwise
you will have one end that are the folds
and the other side will be the loose ends
on the loose end side, you are going to cut the curve for the pouch
i have made tons of these slings so i just kind of eye ball it
but i would say that the steep end of the curve is about 4 inches from the top
now that your have the curve cut, pin the two pieces together
on the long sides, not on the curve
you are going to leave the curve parts open
now stitch the long sides
you could use a regular straight stitch, but if this thing is going to hold a baby
i don't play around
i use the best thread (gutermann) and a strong enforced stitch

once the sides are secured, turn the sling inside out
now the right sides will be on the outside
now you are going to press the seams
so the outside fabric is pressed firmly against the edges
this will make the finishing stitches much easier
once it is pressed you are going to figure what side you want on the outside
i wanted the circles on the outside
so i put the circle side together and sewed together the curve
again i used the super strong thread and the heavy seam
once this is done, trim the excess fabric from the curve
now reverse your fabric so the correct pattern is on the outside
now you are going to reinforce the pouch portion
use the same strong stitch and center it over the pouch seam
now the pressed sides your ironed are going to be finished with a straight seam
you ironed them so you could easily do this step
if you wanted a plain pouch sling then you are finished!
BUT i wanted to add a shoulder pleat for detail
so i found the middle of the sling by folding it
i ironed pleats into this portion staying centered on the line
then i sewed a design to enforce the pleats
you could add extra detail by adding a vintage brooch
unfortunately all my brooches have been turned into fridge magnets
now take a look at all your hard work!

{ aspen approved! }
if this seems too complicated, but you would love a sling
please contact me, i would love to commission a project for you or friends and family!

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