Thursday, December 1, 2011

cleaning: the refridgerator

keeping the fridge can be a daunting task
i feel i clean that heinous thing everyday
and i do in efforts to maintain it
instead of having to clean it rigorously every month
 so here are my helpful tips to keeping your fridge clean

wipe wipe wipe
if you see a spill, clean it as soon as possible
cleaning something a month later is going to make it 10x harder 

never put back dirty
if there is stick-um (as we call it in our house) on the outside of a bottle, wipe it before putting it back
this will prevent it from leaking onto other items or getting it on your hands next time you use it
thus making once again, a larger task for the future
craig has a peeve for sticky fingers so this is especially important to him

figure out what shelf arrangement is best for your needs
i like the drinks on top where we can readily reach everything
{ apparently milk, vodka and water are our drink basics? }
but find out what your preferences are and make sure everybody abides by them
most of the time, when something can't be found it is because they didn't put it back where it belongs

see it, eat it
i try to limit as much waste as i can
one way to do this is putting the food that needs to be eaten first to be seen
for us that means keeping produce out of bags and visible through the clear drawers
i line the bottom of the drawers with dish towels so then i am not constantly cleaning the bottom, just changing the towels
i also put the food that is most likely to expire on the shelf under the drinks
{ tip: store lettuce in paper towels until washed }
this increases our inclination to eat those items because we see them first

what do you do to keep things fresh?

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  1. great tips ! im def going to line my drawers with dish towels !!! that such a good idea . You forgot the last tip... If all fails, call my mom :D


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