Wednesday, December 21, 2011

cleaning: stainless steel kitchen sink

one of the wonders in our rental is our sink
its stainless steel
its tough
its durable
and has taken a beating
so i decided to show some love with a good ole' scrubby dub-dub
so first things first... the garbage disposal
it smells exactly of what it is named so lets deodorize 
i always have a stash of half used lemons
but you could use any citrus in fact!
so take your fruit and chuck it on in...
followed by a hefty sprinkle of baking soda
douse with cold water and grind till you no longer hear the fruit grindin' away
this will ultimately get the stank out the sink!
to sharpen the blades of your garbage disposal empty all your crusty ice into the sink
and grind with cold water
i use a wooden spoon to feed the ice into the disposal
obviously... you don't want to use your fingers.
now onto the cleaning part
plug your sink
fill with one cup of vinegar
fill with warm water until the bottom is just covered
soak your cleaning cloth
let rest for 15 minutes
and then scrub away!
for added shine you can use windex, baby oil, or olive oil
i used windex because i don't want the greasy feel after all my hard work!
look at that shine!
there ya have it! 

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