Friday, December 23, 2011

cooking: chicken noodle soup

its two days before christmas and instead of making cookies
i am whipping up a vat of chicken noodle soup
i have been sick for way too long and am in need of my cure all
... not to mention i hate campbells chicken noodle soup
they skimp on just about everything!
start by boiling your chicken
i used breast pieces with skin but you could easily have used leg quarters
add chicken bouillon
i used about 6 XL cubes
you can make your chicken stock from the water and the chicken 
but i am looking for short cuts... i'm sick
cut up your vegs
let your broth and chicken boil for ad least half an hour
you want to make sure the chicken is completely cooked through
cut your chicken up in pieces
using the breasts made this part super easy
no bones to deal with!
toss your chicken and vegs back into the broth
reduce heat to medium
after 5 minutes add your extra wide egg noodles and stir away
once the noodles are just about done i remove the pot from the burner
this allows the soup to steep and for the vegs and noodles to finish cooking
i also make sure that the vegs are a little firm
since there is a huge pot of soup and we microwave the left overs
i want to make sure everything doesn't turn to mush
this is a great and hearty meal
everyone always asks for more!

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