Tuesday, December 13, 2011

crafting: how to create a boutique bow

kyler has a bunch of friends at school...
who happen to be girls.
so for christmas they are going to get hair bows
he's going to be pimpin' this holiday season
hookin' all the ladies up!

start with  your supplies:
ribbons, of various sizes
embroidery floss or thread
alligator clips or bobby pins
i am going to use this 1/2 inch pink cheetah ribbon
cut a piece that is about 9 inches long
it doesn't need to be exact since you are going to trim the loose sides to be even
you are going to be folding a zig zag
the loose end is under the thumb on the right
continue the zig zag making sure you are folding the loops under
you are going to stop when you have two loose ends and two full loops
notice how one loose end is pointing to the left
and the other end is pointing to the right
now thread your needle with your embroidery floss and sew up and down right up the middle of the zig zags
pull the thread and cinch the ribbon with your finger and thumb
once through the middle, take the extra thread and wrap it around the middle of the bow three times
now tie the thread off making sure the knot is on the back of the bow
rearrange the bow so the loops are evenly spaced
this is the front view of the bow
see how the one loose end is too long? we are going to fix that now!
so trim your loose ends with your scissors so they are the same length as your loops
burn the edges of the ribbon with the lighter to seal and prevent fraying
careful: do not overdo the lighter part... if you go and be a pyro your ribbon will look lopsided and jacked up!
the last step is to push either a bobby pin or an alligator clip through the thread on the back of the bow
ta da! all done!
experiment with different types and widths of ribbon to get different results
this one is fuller and more squat because i used a thicker ribbon with the same number and sized loops!
hope you enjoyed!

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