Thursday, December 8, 2011

review: thirsties duo wrap diaper cover with prefold and snappi

let just start by saying that i have not always been a green freak
i do my share to make a difference in the ways that i can
cloth diapering is one of those ways
with my first son, i used disposables so this was a whole new process for me
i chose to use thirsties duo wrap diaper covers with adjustable snaps
with this i use prefolds that i bought at babies r us and use a snappi to secure the prefolds
it sounds like a lot of work but it seems like second nature now
i fold the prefold using one of the techniques i showed earlier
and then place on the diaper cover
making sure to adjust the snaps so there are no gaps in the waist or around the legs
to prevent leaks you have to make sure the prefold is tucked under all the gussets
this keeps all the 'mess' inside the diaper where it belongs
so far i have had the diaper covers and prefolds for 5 months and they have been awesome!
even though we use disposables at night time,
i prefer to use the cloth!
the only times we have had a poopy emergency were while using disposables
the double gussets are definetly the key to keeping your baby leak and explosion free!

when soiled, we toss all the dirty diapers in a metal pail lined in a planetwise liner
this is made from the same material as the diaper
its leaks proof and had held up nicely after 5 months of daily washing
we have 2 and rotate them to make sure we always have one in the pail
so when it comes to washing, we just chuck the liner and all the dirty diapers in the wash machine
we use charlie's soap which leaves no soap residue
this is important to maintain the integrity of the material
if i used tide, build up would prevent the diapers from being leak proof
we then line dry the diaper covers
and machine dry the prefolds and the pail liner
occasionally, as directed by thirsties, we machine dry the covers once a month to rebond the material to keep it waterproof
by only once a month!
i have about 18 diaper covers and 24 prefolds
this is about enough for me to get through a day of diapers with some to spare while i am laundering a load
there is some sticker shock when purchasing so many diapers at a time but when i punched the numbers, they pay for themselves after 4 months
kids pee themselves for up to 2 years... i sucked it up and bought them knowing they are an investment not only for aspen but for future children as well
thirsties have a high resale value as well so when we are all done
EBAY is the answer!

overall, we are happy with the quality of the covers and how great the customer service is
when we received a defective diaper, they sent us a replacement one immediately after receiving our claim form
they even sent us a prepaid envelope to mail back our broken diaper, so they can fix it and donate it to a mother in need
how awesome is that???
aspen has been growing like a weed and we just ordered size 2 diaper covers
we are confident in thirsties and thankful for making such a great product
it's better for the earth and better for our family!

{ stay tuned for my thirsties and snappi giveaway! details tomorrow}


  1. Cloth Diapers are great Gabby's been using them for over 11 months now. we use disposables on the go. i use the Flip one size Diapers tho. they do the job and hold up well. no leaks or messes from them yet!

  2. Hi Van, I have never heard of Flip Diapers... I will have to look into it! I am glad to hear you are happy with them though! I was skeptical at first but now I am a BELIEVER!

  3. Try using the cloth at night, it isn't much different, it really only changes when they get near 1 years old, that is when the leaks and extra padding had to occur for me. I have gotten to the point when I really do not like using disposables, although we always have a few on hand just in case. (We started using cloth at 6 months apx).

    We recently tried using the Thirsties Due Fab fitted at night, then you can use your covers and they work great with an extra microfiber tucked in the back. We also use the Flip... changes just like a maxi pad, same with Best Bottoms. Give some different ones a whirl. You think what you are doing is easy, those are like 2 times easier!

  4. thank you so much for the suggestion... i will have to look into the Flip.. this is the second time I have heard about them!

  5. You can also add hemp inserts under microfiber or cotton and use for overnight. If you try Flip I would suggest the Flip Organics - those inserts are SUPER absorbent and soft. They work great for overnight paired with a hemp insert or two underneath and topped with a Flip cover! If you are worried about the wetness in an overnight you can use fleece liners on top for a stay dry feel (I buy a yard of fleece from a fabric store and cut them to size - no sewing needed). :-)Joey Bunz hemp or hemp babies doublers (the Joey Bunz are more absorbent but the hemp babies are very thin). The size large hemp babies doubler is long and narrow and the size small is shorter and a little wider.


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