Sunday, December 4, 2011

zero waste: food shopping

a year ago i saw a video on the zero waste home
its a family of 4 that has... no waste.
there are a lot of things the woman does that is extreme
like tooth powder instead of tooth paste... no thanks! 
but i was inspired and have made a lot of changes in our home since then
food shopping is one of them
the goal is to buy everything fresh 
and to limit the amount of plastic waste on your food
when you first start this, you will begin to notice how MANY things are wrapped, covered and sealed in plastic that you just throw away!
i put all our produce in mesh lingerie bags found at walmart for $1 each
its better this way since i keep all out food on display in our fridge
"see it, eat it" is my  mantra
i purchase our meats and place them in reusable containers
ask the person helping you to tare the weight of the container so you aren't paying extra
they will also put the tag right on the lid for you
i have gotten some weird looks from people
but if your a regular like me, after a month or so they know the deal
this jaunt to the store will last us 4-5 days
including making baby food for aspen
and everything is either recyclable or reusable... so zero waste!
what are some things you do to prevent waste?

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  1. I love this! I have been thinking about this for awhile but have not implemented. The produce bags online are expensive so I LOVE the idea of lingerie bags. I never thought about bringing reusable containers for meat. I love it and will totally do it.


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