Thursday, January 26, 2012

baking: blueberry pie

this is my first attempt at a blueberry pie
i went to go follow my sister in laws recipe
and then realized i only had half the recipe written down
smooth moove, emily!
so i improvised and i gotta tell ya... it came out pretty darn good!
roll your pie crust into the bottom of your pan
i used pre-made pillsbury pie dough
i'm not gonna act like everything i do is homemade... because it's not!
take your pint of blueberry rinse, drain and douse with a good sprinkling of lemon juice
add one cup of sugar, a fourth cup of flour, nutmeg, cinnamon and some nutmeg
i don't measure spices because i like to adjust to my liking
toss lightly and put in your pie crust
{ this is where my recipe stopped... so from here on out... i'm winging it! }
cover your filling
i used a cookie cutter... to make it perrrrty!
whisk an egg yolk and brush it on the top crust
bake at 400 degree for 40-50 minutes
here's a glamour shot of the gooey goodness!

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