Sunday, January 1, 2012

cooking: baked and broiled lobster tail

my husband and i have yet to celebrate all the wonderful changes in our life
a new baby on the way
moving into our first house together
so to ring in the new year, i made serf and turf to celebrate!
the lobster is my favorite part so that is the recipe i am going to share first
i bought our tails when they were on sale so they were frozen
defrost your tails in a bowl of cold water
they are thawed completely when you can roll the tail up easily
take kitchen shears and cut down the back of the tail
making sure to stop before the last fin
then crack the seam open 
run your finger under the membrane between the shell and the meat
loosen and pull the tail meat out of the shell
pinch the shell together
 this is going to be your platform for the meat
rub the meat with olive oil both top and bottom of the tail
season with salt, pepper and paprika
cook your tails at 375 degrees
1.5 minutes per ounce
{ do the math! }
the meat should be white, not opaque
add a pat of butter to each tail
broil 3 minutes
plate and serve!
what did you eat for new years?


  1. this looks so good, I'm hungry!

    congratulations on the baby


  2. thank you so much! we are very excited... both for the baby and for the lobster!


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