Thursday, January 5, 2012

cooking: garlic shrimp with couscous

this dish cooks up in less than 15 minutes!
yes... 15 MINUTES!
its shrimp in butttered garlic with parmesean couscous
the fresh parsley really adds a lot of color and a flavorful tang!
start by making your couscous
follow the directions on the box
it takes about 10 minutes
mince some fresh garlic and add it to a wok with a whomp of butter
finely chop your parsley
curly parsley reminds me of bad plate garnishes in diners
flat leaf parsley is chic!
rinse your jumbo shrimp
i use ones still in the shell because i love the color it adds to a dish
it also gives a more rustic and homemade appeal
when your wok is nice and hot and your garlic browned
add your shrimp

when your shrimp are starting to color but are still a bit opaque
add your parsley
your shrimp are done once all the gray is gone
overcooking shrimp is easy and will make them rubbery and tough 
so beware!
serve over your couscous making sure to pour some of your buttery garlic sauce over the top
garnish with some parsley!

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