Tuesday, January 3, 2012

cooking: homemade hamburger helper

my brother in law, brandon, is a meat and potato kinda guy
i can't cook him all the foofy things i usually am inclined to
but he does love hamburger helper
so inspired by him I bring to you the homemade version!
this is a great 30 minute meal and uses a lot of the ingredients you probably already have on hand!
season and brown your meat
i used salt, pepper and red pepper flakes for a spicy kick!
don't just season your meal at the end,
you want the flavor to infuse the spices into your ingredients from the very beginning for a more robust taste
drain your meat
i used a collander because it's easier and you will end up using it later for the noodles anyways
add just enough sauce to cover the meat
boil your noodles
add your noodles and desired amount of cheese to the meat sauce
mix well and garnish with extra red pepper flakes
quick and easy, kid friendly and brother-in-law approved!


  1. this dish is so easy! its a week day dinner that i love to make!


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