Friday, January 13, 2012

cooking: pad thai with fried tofu

when going out for thai food, i always want to order pad thai even though i know i should be trying something more adventurous , different and new!
so i decided to try and make it on my own
and i have to say... it came out pretty darn good!
start with rice noodles
they come in different widths but you want the ones that are most similar to linguine
according to the package that i got they are a size 'medium'
fill a bowl with hot water from the tap and soak about one-third of the package of noodles
they should take about 15 minutes in the water bath
meanwhile, slice your firm tofu into bite size pieces and fry in a pot of hot oil
mince one shallot and 5 cloves of garlic
add 4 tablespoons of hot oil from your tofu pan into a wok and brown your garlic and shallots
once browned, add two eggs making sure to scramble and separate
now add your ingredients for your sauce:
4 tablespoons of brown sugar
tablespoons  of fish sauce
tablespoons  of tamarind 
tablespoons  of water
make sure to mix well so the sauce doesn't burn, this will turn your sauce bitter and na-na-na-NASTY!
add your drained noodles and some crushed peanuts
heat thoroughly
before serving, add bean sprouts and some green onions
plate with your fried tofu and some extra green onion on top!

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