Saturday, January 7, 2012

how to: quickly halve grapes

this technique is something i learned at my cooking class
it's a great way to quickly half grapes, cherry tomatoes, olives 
or any small fruit or veggie!
first you need two plates that have a ridge on the bottom
this is going to gather all your grapes into one area
wash and de-stem your grapes
place your grapes on the bottom side of the plate
the ridges will keep them from falling all over the place
place the second plate on top of the grapes
with the ridges on the topside
this will create a gap between the plates 
this is where you are going to place your knife
hold the top plate steady with one hand and use the other to guide your knife through the gap
remove the top plate... and there you have it
halved grapes in half the time!

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