Wednesday, February 1, 2012

cooking: green eggs and ham sandwich

when craig and i were dating, the first person i met from his family was his brother, chad
we had breakfast at a joint in chicago where i was introduced to green eggs and ham...
nothing like the miserable illustrations in the book!
so as i stared at my plate in nervousness and let craig do the majority of the talking,
i was able to calculate this perfection and now recreate it in sandwich form!
start by 'pam'ing your pan to make an omlet
beat two eggs, salt, pepper and a teaspoon of pesto for your omelet
while your eggs are cooking, toast your roll and spread some extra pesto love on!
assemble your sandwich... roll, ham, egg, pesto and roll
garnish with some breakfast friendly fruit and your done!
here's the half eaten product. delicious!
{ and by the way... chad loves me! i'm his favorite asian sister! }

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