Monday, March 26, 2012

beauty: do it yourself curling wand

when i get ready in the morning, i want my hair done... but not too done.
no barrel curls, updos or anything too magnificent
just some texture to my otherwise boring straight hair
i have been wanting a curling wand but couldn't justify the price of them
so i decided to transform my normal curling iron into a tool i would use on a daily basis
instead of just those 'special occasions'
this is a 1" curling iron i bought from sally's so i could do my hair for our wedding
not bad for an amateur :)
anyways... first start by removing the little kick stand on your iron
find the screws that attach the handle to the barrel...
and take those off too!
then lastly the hinge and spring will be left... which you take off. you don't want any snags!
whatever the model of your curling iron, you are basically gutting it down just to the barrel
now i can get that messy undone look!
but i am keeping the spare pieces in a drawer just in case i need wedding hair again
{ juuuuust kidding! }

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